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Two people kayaking on a lakeCanoes and kayaks can be rented at several parks for use on lakes within or bordering the park.

Finger Lakes State Park has canoe, kayak and paddleboard rentals for enjoying on the lakes and the park's water trail.

Wakonda State Park has kayak and johnboat rentals for enjoying on Agate, Wakonda and Jasper lakes.

Sam A. Baker State Park has canoe, kayak and raft rentals for floating on the lazy St. Francis River. Big Creek is a delightful little stream that runs through the park. It can be an adventurous float when the water is high enough.

Meramec State Park has canoe, kayak and raft rentals for a gentle float on a stretch of the Meramec River perfect for families and beginners.

Washington State Park offers float trips on the Big River, which flows by the park.

Ozark float streams can be crowded on summer Saturdays. On most other days, you’ll have the river to yourself. Spring, when the redbuds and dogwoods are blooming, and fall, when autumn color is peaking, are the best times to be on an Ozark river.

Flotation vests are required for young children and are and recommended for all.