Park Trails

at Dillard Mill State Historic Site

Mill View Trail

  • Hiking

Length: 1.5 Miles View map

This trail runs up a steep grade and loops through an area of glades and upland forests.  There will be some low-hanging vegetation. Rocks and/or roots will be in the trail and parts of the trail are made of wood or stone steps. Some grades and inclines are more than 10 percent and there are natural bluffs or drop-offs next to the trail. A bridge crosses one stream and may be slippery even in dry weather. There is also a water crossing at Huzzah Creek without a bridge and during periods of high water, this part of the trail is inaccessible to all. The reward is a scenic view from a bluff overlooking the barn-red mill and the pond.

You may experience:

  • Natural surface, dirt, mud, gravel, shifting rocks, slippery surface, etc.
  • Rocks, roots and/or downed vegetation on trail           
  • Low hanging vegetation
  • Physically challenging obstacles
  • Wood or stone steps
  • Steep grades and inclines more than 10 percent
  • Bluffs or drop-offs next to trail
  • Bridges and/or structural crossings
  • Water/stream crossings without bridges
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Missouri State Parks Trail Rules and Etiquette
Length Estimated Hiking Time Type Blazes Trailhead
1.5 Miles 1 hour, 30 minutes Loop Orange