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Accessibility Information

at Weston Bend State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Accessible SymbolPark Office

The park office is located at the top of the hill as you enter the park. There are slight grades in the parking area and sidewalk leading to the office, but the grades are accessible. The office itself is also accessible. Park staff will be happy to offer any assistance.

Accessible SymbolCampground

  • Two electric campsites are accessible. However, other campsites that have a base of fine gravel are level and would be accessible to most visitors.
  • The showerhouse has paved parking with two handicap spaces. Amenities are roll-in showers, front-transfer toilets, lever handled lavatories and electric hand dryers.
  • The laundry is a good-sized room with one set of top-operated machines. The folding table is accessible.
  • Information boards are located on the front of the showerhouse and provide park information. 
  • The woodlot is located at the park host site and is accessible.
  • Accessible water fountains/hydrants are conveniently located in the campground, with an accessible vault toilet also available. Parking near the vault toilet is on a slope.
  • The dump station has all components within reach. Fresh water is provided.

Tobacco Barn

Two handicap parking spaces are offered and have a cross-slope of 3.2%. The paved path to the barn entrance crosses the road with a 5.9% slope and the path continues with a 6.6% slope. An information kiosk has a dirt approach and is accessible in fair weather.

Day-Use Shelter Area

The open shelter has two handicap spaces in a level, paved parking lot. An adjacent pathway leads to the entrance where you’ll find an extended-end table, two group grills and electric outlets. Across the parking lot from the shelter is an accessible restroom, which is available during the on-season. A handicap parking space is located next to the path, which has an 11-foot-long slope of 5.9%. There is another handicap parking space next to the path to the restroom. A water fountain is available.

Picnic sites have not been modified at this time, and are accessed over natural grass turf.


The overlook area can be reached from the day-use area by going straight at the stop sign intersection. Here, paved parking with an average 2.9% slope is available. A paved pathway leads to the overlook, going from a 7.5% slope to a 5.5% slope before leveling out. A 1-to-2-inch height difference occurs at the asphalt/wood junction.

An accessible spotting scope for wildlife viewing is located on an accessible concrete pad near the overlook.

Accessible SymbolBee Creek Shelter

You may reserve this area, which offers level, paved parking and accessible flush restrooms. A paved pathway leads past a water fountain to the shelter. For more information on shelter amenities and how to rent the shelter, click here.  

Accessible SymbolBluff Trail Picnic Area

The Bluff Trail Picnic Area has a level, paved parking lot with three handicap parking spaces.  An accessible vault toilet is available year-round. There are three accessible picnic tables with grills located on concrete pads with concrete walkways leading to them.


Paved Trail

Parking for the trailhead is paved with a level handicap space located adjacent to the information board, water fountain and trail access. Another handicap parking space is located next to the accessible vault toilet. The vault toilet is available year-round.

Going right on the trail takes you immediately to an excessive slope. Going left on the trail, you’ll encounter a 7% slope. After that, all slopes are 5.5% or less, until you’ve gone 1.75 miles, when you’ll see the orange bench. Past that, the slope gets increasingly steeper and the terrain more difficult. Note that some of these slopes are quite long.

Bluff Trail – Weston Section (Paved)

Parking for the trailhead is paved with handicap parking spaces. An accessible vault toilet is available year-round. A 1.25-mile paved section of the trail leads to downtown Weston. There is a 25-yard non-paved section of the trail that is crushed and packed asphalt. While most of the trail is level, some moderate grades and un-level sections will be encountered.

All other trails are either dirt or grass turf and have varying obstacles.

Dog Park

A handicap parking space is located at the Off Leash Dog Park Area.  A level, concrete sidewalk leads to the off leash pen areas. 

For more information, contact the park:

Weston Bend State Park
16600 Highway 45 N.
Weston, MO 64098
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: January 2017