Accessibility Information

at Battle of Lexington State Historic Site

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Accessible SymbolVisitor Center

Four accessible parking spaces are located near the entrance to the visitor center. The spaces have a 2.4% slope. The doors of the building are power-assisted and lead to a spacious interior. Accessible restrooms and a water fountain are provided for your comfort. The center houses an excellent museum that interprets the war and the lifestyle of that period through models and freestanding and hands-on exhibits. A theater offers easy access for watching a video on the battle.

Battlefield Trail

A gravel parking area off of the city street allows entry onto the battlefield. Battlefield Trail contains slopes of less than 5%, but is made of crushed rock, which might make nonmotorized wheelchair use difficult.

The Anderson House

The pathway to the house is a combination of grass and rock-infilled monoslab and a hard-packed ground path. It is a little rough to traverse, with a maximum slope of 5%. This path winds to the front entrance, where railed steps lead to the front porch. The front door has a 4-inch-high threshold. A ramp leading onto the back porch of the house may be easier for some visitors to access the main floor. The back door has a 3-inch-high threshold, which visitors may need assistance with. Once inside, the main floor is accessible; however, continuing on to the second floor requires the use of a railed staircase.

For more information, contact the historic site:

Battle of Lexington State Historic Site
1101 Delaware
Lexington, MO 64067-0006
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: May 2022