at Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Caves in the park are currently closed. See advisory to the right.

Island Cave, located in Ha Ha Tonka State Park, is an "entry by permit only" cave. Individuals may request a permit to enter Island Cave by calling 573-346-2986. The permit will be good only on the day and time specified on the permit. Individuals listed on the cave permit will be allowed entry if all aspects of the standard rules listed on the permit are agreed upon, and the permit has signatures of all entering the cave. If a person is under the age of 18, the parent or legal guardian must sign the permit for them. Safe caving practice dictates that groups have at least four people, but no more than 10. A leader must be identified for each permit and that person will be responsible for ensuring that everyone listed on the permit is aware of the rules. Requesting parties must meet with park staff to confirm appropriate signatures are on the permit and that each individual has the proper equipment for cave exploration. Island Cave may be entered year-round.

River Cave is a "supervised entry only" cave. Park staff provide scheduled tours on a monthly basis from December through February. The schedule for entry into River Cave is subject to the migration of gray bats, a federally-protected species. Interested parties can inquire about this tour by calling 573-346-2986.