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Nature Journaling Workshop: It's All About TREES!

6/21/2024 | Echo Bluff State Park | Eminence, MO

Nature journaling is gaining popularity as a way to get out and explore nature and the beauty that it has to offer. In this series of workshops held at Echo Bluff State Park, participants will learn a variety of useful techniques to enhance their journals. These workshops are for beginners and experienced journalers alike.

All workshops will be held at the Bluff Top Pavilion starting at 10 a.m. and ending at noon. Bring your own journal, and any tools that you would normally use as you journal.

For more information or to register for one or more workshops, contact Connie at 573-751-1224 or

Workshop Dates and Topics:  

April 19 – Page Layout: Old and New

There is nothing more frustrating than staring at a blank page and not knowing where to start or working really hard on a sketch to have it just be blah! What can I do to help my pages “pop”? In this NOT so back-to-basics workshop, we are going to learn about page layout and tips and tricks to enhance our pages to make them more interesting.

June 21 – It’s all about TREES

Trees, trees and more trees! The forest is full of them. But how do I draw them? Do I draw one or do I draw a dozen? In this workshop, we will look at different methods of sketching the tree(s) either one at a time or as a huge group. We will also look at a technique called a “callout” used to bring attention to a specific element.

Sept. 20 – The Forest has Layers

Let’s take a hike. We tend to look down at the ground or straight ahead when we hike or walk through the forest. BUT we need to look up, down and ALL around us. There is something interesting to look at, draw and question at every layer of the forest.

Oct. 18 – Skulls and Bones

Just in time for fall, let’s look at skulls and bones. In this really down to the bare bones of a workshop, you will get a better understanding of the basic structure of animals. This will help when drawing and sketching live animals.  

Echo Bluff State Park is located at:

35244 Echo Bluff Drive, Eminence, MO | 573-751-5211

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