Updated Firewood Advisory

Firewood and the Emerald Ash Borer

Moving firewood throughout the state of Missouri can unintentionally put our trees, and the woodlands and forests they create, at risk. Exotic, destructive pests are killing millions of trees each year throughout North America and have moved into Missouri. The emerald ash borer, or EAB, which quickly infests and causes the mortality of ash trees, has greatly reduced our ash trees in urban and wilderness settings. The spread of EAB and other forest pests has been directly attributed to the movement of wood products, especially firewood. Please do your part in protecting Missouri State Parks and your local communities by limiting the spread of exotic forest pests and their modes of travel. For more information about how to protect our trees, forests and state parks, visit dontmovefirewood.org.

How Can I Help?

To make sure you do not accidentally move exotic forest pests throughout our parks and state, and to help protect our trees, buy your firewood locally – at or near your camping destination. Most state parks have firewood for purchase, so take advantage of this convenient service. Make sure you burn all of your firewood on-site while camping and do not take firewood home with you, as it may spread unwanted pests to your local community.

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