2008 Katy Trail Ride Trivia Questions

at Katy Trail State Park

Day 1 - June 16, 2008 - St. Charles to Hermann ~ 65 miles

1)  What is Spanish for St. Charles and for how many years was St. Charles the capital of Missouri? 
San Carlos (found on History of St. Charles panel), five years (found on First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site panel)

2)  What town received its name after stopping another town from having the only railroad stop in the area?
Defiance (found on Weldon Spring to Matson panel)

3)  Which frontiersman explored Kentucky and Tennessee before heading west to Missouri in 1799? 
Daniel Boone (found on Dutzow and Matson info depots)

4)  What was the westernmost Euro-American settlement when Meriwether Lewis and William Clark stopped in May 1804?
La Charrette (found on Marthasville and Treloar info depots)

Day 2 - June 17, 2008 - Hermann to Hartsburg ~ 55 miles

1)  What state historic site is in Hermann?
Deutschheim State Historic Site (found on Portland to McKittrick panel at Portland)

2) Following the flood of 1993, most of which trail community was relocated to the hill above? Hint:  If you didn’t read about this yesterday, ask someone who served you breakfast.
Rhineland (found on McKittrick info depot)

3) What was the westernmost settlement in the United States in 1808?
Côte Sans Dessein (found on Tebbetts to North Jefferson panel in Tebbetts)

4) In what year did the seat of Missouri government move to Jefferson City?
1826 (found on History of the Jefferson City area panel at North Jefferson)

Day 3 - June 18, 2008 - Hartsburg to Boonville ~ 39 miles

1) Early residents of Hartsburg were mostly _____________ immigrants. (found on Hartsburg info depot)

a) German      b) French         c) Polish           d) Italian

2) Roche Percée Natural Arch is part of the bluffs known as the_________? (found on Roche Percée Natural Arch wayside exhibit at Roche Percée Natural Arch)

a) Poker Bluffs      b) Split Rock Bluffs      c) Big Manitou Bluffs      d) Missouri Bluffs

3) In what year did the plank road that connected Columbia and Providence open?
1856 (found on Old Plank Road panel at McBaine)

4) Which Katy Trail State Park trailhead is the farthest north?
New Franklin (found on any complete Katy Trail map)

Day 4 - June 19, 2008 - Boonville to Sedalia ~ 36 miles

1)  What is the name of the first steamboat on the Missouri River?
Independence (found on History of Boonville panel at the Boonville info depot)

2) As you travel west from Pilot Grove to Clifton City, what point of interest will you see at Mile Marker 213.2? 
One of only a few complete signal lights remaining on the Katy Trail (found on Pilot Grove to Clifton City points of interest panel at the Pilot Grove info depot or they can actually view the signal light at Mile Marker 213.2)

3) What was Clifton City once known as, according to the 1876 History of  Cooper County?
"Devil's Half-Acre" (found on History of Clifton City panel at the Clifton City info depot)

4) As you travel west between Clifton City and Sedalia, what is located at the lowest point along this 11.7 mile section of Katy Trail?
Shaver Creek Bridge or Shave Tail Creek Bridge (found on Clifton City to Sedalia points of interest panel at the Clifton City info depot or on the Shaver Creek Bridge signs)

Day 5 - June 20, 2008 - Sedalia to Clinton ~ 35 miles

1)  What 1890s resident of Sedalia is known as the "Ragtime King"?
Scott Joplin (found on History of Sedalia panel at the Sedalia info depot)

2)  What activity is only permitted on the section of Katy Trail State Park between Sedalia and Calhoun? 
Horseback riding or equestrian use (Found on map on the community services panel at the Sedalia, Green Ridge, Windsor and Calhoun info depots and on the map in the Katy Trail State Park brochure. It is also found on the Green Ridge to Windsor points of interest panel at the Green Ridge info depot.)

3) As you travel west from Green Ridge and just east of Bryson, what is found at Mile Marker 242.6?
The highest point in Katy Trail State Park  (found on sign marking the high point and on the prairie and plain panel at the Windsor info depot)

4)  What annually held event occurs in Calhoun in early September? This event started when Frank Richards bragged about one of his farm animals to Bud Garret in 1902.
The Calhoun Colt Show (found on History of Calhoun panel at the Calhoun info depot)