The Elizabeth Rozier Gallery

at Missouri State Museum

The Elizabeth Rozier Gallery features rotating exhibits inside the Union Hotel, located at 101 Jefferson Street. For further information, please call 573-751-2854.


  • March 1* through Labor Day - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday
  • Tuesday after Labor Day weekend through February - Closed

2014 Exhibit

“Show Me The Fair: Souvenirs and Remembrances of the 1904 World’s Fair”

Saturday, March 1 to Saturday, Aug. 30

The Rozier Gallery will showcase selections of the Missouri State Museum’s extensive collection of St. Louis World’s Fair memorabilia. Come to the gallery for a fun look at the trinkets, toys and tales that survived the fleeting existence of the fair. For seven months, April 30 to Dec. 1, 1904, the Show-Me state showed off. Travelers visited St. Louis to marvel at innovations and inventions from around the world.

To remember their trip to the 1,200-acre fair, visitors bought and brought home all manner of keepsakes. This exhibit will highlight photographs, quotes and mementos that capture the feeling of the fair. Come see some of the spectacle that was the 1904 World’s Fair.