Earning Passport Stamps

Location Stamps
  • To complete the passport, participants must obtain a stamp for all 88 state parks and historic sites. To obtain a stamp, go to the stamping location listed at https://www.mostateparks.com/passport_locations.
  • One you have all 88 location stamps, your passport is complete.  Completed passports must be presented to staff at a state park/historic site for verification.
Special Stamps
  • Each month, there is a new opportunity to earn a special stamp.  There’s a place for these stickers on pgs. 194-195 of the passport. 
  • Details of the special stamps will be announced each month.  Make sure to register your passport to get updates. 
  • You do not need to collect all the special stamps to complete the passport.  These are just a fun way to enhance your passport experience.