Passport FAQs

at Missouri State Parks

Great news! The Centennial Passport Program has been extended!

How many parks and historic sites do I need to visit to complete the passport?

The passport program includes 88 state parks and historic sites.  A list of locations included in the passport is available here.     

Can I participate in both the digital passport and the printed passport? 

Yes, you are welcome to register for the digital passport and purchase a passport book for completion. 

I’m at the park or historic site. Where do I go to find the stamp and/or code?

A list of stamping locations for each park/site can be found here.  A passport sign will mark the location.

I am at the park, but the stamping location is not open. Can I still receive credit for the visit?   

Yes, please send us your name, mailing address, the verification code, the day, time and location of your visit. We will send you a sticker that has the stamp on it.

What do I do if there is no code or stamp at the location? 

Send us your name, mailing address, the verification code, the day, time and location of your visit. We will send you a sticker that has the stamp on it.

Multiple members of my family would like to participate. Can we all use the same account/passport book?

The printed passport allows for one book per person.  If you would like to earn multiple prizes, you will need a book for each person.

The digital passport allows you to register multiple users under the same account.  Make sure to log each person’s visits separately to make sure every member of your group gets their stamps and are eligible for prizes.

Can my pet win a prize in the passport program(s)?

No.  Although we enjoy having pets as park visitors, only human visitors can earn prizes.  (Sorry Big Foot!)

I already visited parks earlier in 2016. Can I count those towards my passport total?

The passport launched on April 9, 2016 and ends on Tuesday, April 9, 2018.  Passport stamps can only be collected during that timeframe.

How do I earn the Special Stamps?

You do not need to collect all the special stamps to complete the passport. These are just a fun way to enhance your passport experience.

   Printed Passport - Details for the special stamps can be found here.  When you visit a participating facility they will give you a sticker for your book.

   Digital Passport - Details of the special stamps are posted in your stamp gallery under the “Special Stamps” tab. When you log a visit to a participating facility, you will automatically earn the special sticker for your gallery.

Can I get a list of stamp locations for the un-staffed facilities?

Each un-staffed location will have a sign that lists the verification code.  You can email that verification code to to receive a sticker that has the stamp on it or you can take that verification code to the park or historic site listed on the sign to obtain your stamp.  (In your e-mail, be sure to include your name, mailing address, the verification code, the day, time and location of your visit.) You are not required to back track to facilities you have already visited to receive these stamps.