Draft Nominations List

Notice of Open Meeting

Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

The health and safety of all visitors to state office buildings are priority. Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, public participants of the meeting will be required to attend via WebEx using the link below or via telephone conference at the number below.


March 5, 2021
10 a.m.

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Teleconference Call number: 650-479-3207
WebEx meeting number (access code): 177 614 9917
Meeting password: rgJRuvEA885
NOTICE: This public meeting may be subject to audio and video recording.

A. Call to Order and Instructions  Tom Kuypers

B. Minutes from Nov. 20, 2020  Tom Kuypers
     (Approval Needed)

C. Agenda Review – Michelle Diedrich

D. Remarks and Comments – Tom Kuypers
     (Information Only)

E. Consideration of Nominations
 (Approval Needed)

Note:    Council members have received all written submissions prior to the meeting and will vote immediately following the presentation and comment period. The MOACHP Chair will announce time limits for presentations and public comment. There will be an opportunity for Council members to ask questions and offer comments or concerns after each nomination is presented, followed by an opportunity for comment from the public before closing the nomination.

  1. St. John’s High School and Seminary, 2015-2131 E. 72nd St., Kansas City, Jackson County

F. Historic Tax Credit Cycle – Elizabeth Rosin and Fred Lafser
     (Information Only)

G. Presentation: Assessing Integrity  Michelle Diedriech

H. Updated Bylaws – Tom Kuypers
     (Approval Needed)

I. DNR Reports and Updates
(Information Only)

      1. Director's Comments – Toni Prawl

      2. Program Updates – Michelle Diedriech

J. Open Comment Section
 (Information Only)

This segment of the meeting affords the public an opportunity to comment on any other issues pertinent to the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

K. Future Meeting Dates  Michelle Diedriech
     (Information Only)

     July 9, 2021
Meeting will likely be held virtually.
     Meeting details will be posted on the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office's website prior to the meeting.

     Nov. 5, 2021
 Location TBD   

L. Closed Session  Tom Kuypers

This portion of the meeting may be closed if such action is approved by a majority vote of the Missouri Advisory Council of Historic Preservation members who constitute a quorum, pursuant to Section 610.021, RSMo.

M. Meeting Adjournment  Tom Kuypers
(Approval Needed)                                                  

People requiring special services at the meeting can make arrangements by calling 1-800-361-4827 or 573-751-7860. Hearing- and speech-impaired individuals may contact the program through Relay Missouri, 1-800-735-2966.

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To review decisions from previous meetings and learn about agenda items, please refer to the program website at https://mostateparks.com/page/84406/missouri-advisory-council-historic-preservation.