Closed State Park Properties

at Missouri State Parks


In early December 2017, Missouri State Parks held a series of public meetings to discuss the future of three state park properties. The three properties, which have not been developed and are currently closed, are Ozark Mountain State Park in Taney County, Bryant Creek State Park in Douglas County, and Jay Nixon State Park in Reynolds County.

Representatives from Missouri State Parks were present at the meetings to receive input from the public on the future of the properties and to provide information about the properties. Litigation has been filed in Oregon County relating to the Eleven Point State Park property. Missouri State Parks plans to hold a public meeting regarding that property pending outcome of the litigation.

Public Comment Process

The public meetings also kicked off the public comment period for the three properties, during which the public was invited to submit their comments about the future of each property. The public could submit comments about the properties in three different ways. If they attended a public meeting, they could fill out and submit comment cards available at the public meetings. They could also complete an online survey available on the Missouri State Parks website. A few individuals and public entities chose to send emails or other correspondence directly to Missouri State parks.

All of the public comments received during the Dec. 4, 2017 – Jan. 6, 2018, comment period are provided for each of the properties. These comments do not reflect the opinion of the State of Missouri or the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of State Parks, nor are these entities responsible for the content or the factual accuracy of the comments. The responses have not been edited or otherwise altered, except to remove names and other identifying statements, and profanity and violent language.

Public Comments and Information

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