Year of the Trail

Celebrate “Year of the Trail” in Missouri State Parks

Missouri State Parks is making 2014 the Year of the Trail in Missouri State Parks. 

Missouri State Parks has nearly 1,000 miles of trails to enjoy.  Whether hiking, paddling, bicycling or riding, there is an adventure for every age and skill level. Hit the trails and celebrate with us!

Year of the Trail Events

Guided hikes, new trail celebrations and other outdoor events help you explore the trail opportunities in Missouri State Parks. Check out an event near you!

Year of the Trail Geo Challenge

Download our free mobile app and check out this new GeoChallenge celebrating the Year of the Trail. Visit the trailheads on the list and earn points to win prizes!  If you decide to take on the trail, make sure to log your 100 Missouri Miles

What is a GeoChallenge?

Using the app’s GPS features, you’ll navigate to a series of outdoor destinations. As you play, you’ll also earn points.

How do I join the Year of the Trail GeoChallenge? 

  1. Visit and download our free mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the Challenges section of the app and select GeoChallenges.
  3. Select the MO Year of the Trail Challenge and get started.