Historic Site Plans

at Sappington Cemetery State Historic Site

Historic Site Mission

The mission of Sappington Cemetery State Historic Site is to preserve the gravesites of Dr. John Sappington, Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson, and Governor Meredith Miles Marmaduke, and their spouses and extended families, and to interpret their roles in Missouri history. The site also preserves architectural features and a landscape characteristic of a mid-19th century cemetery.

Conceptual Development Plan Survey

Conceptual development plans guide the development of state parks and historic sites. These plans outline site goals and development projects while taking into consideration the significant natural and cultural resources of the park or site.

Sappington Cemetery State Historic Site's plan is currently under review. Comments from our on-line survey, which was open in the spring of 2011 and again from April 7-21, 2012, and gathered at public meetings will assist us in generating a range of development plans for Sappington Cemebery State Historic Site. These plans will be made available to the public later in the process.