Archaeology Day Kids Camp - Canceled

6/10/2019 | Graham Cave State Park | Danville, MO


Kids can spend the day learning how to be an archaeologist and unlocking the secrets of the past! Archaeology Day Kids Camp is designed to introduce kids to the basic concepts of archaeology through a series of hands on programs. They will learn what archaeology is, how to conduct a dig, analyze and record artifacts found, and develop critical thinking skills to assess the life style, culture and age of the civilization that the artifacts represent. We will have several miniature digs where they will practice their skills at excavating and deciphering clues left by the artifacts they uncover. At the end of the day, they will have completed the requirements for becoming a member of the Graham Cave State Park Council of Young Archaeologists.

Please note that kids will not be working on real archaeological sites or digs, nor in the cave. All camp digs are premade and miniaturized for the purposes of this program and to preserve the natural resources of the park.

Archaeology Day Kids Camp is free and open to the public and is for kids entering the 7th and 8th grades this fall. Pre-registration is required as we can only accommodate 15 young archaeologists. Parents may volunteer for the day if they submit a Volunteer In Parks (VIP) form at least two weeks before the program, and pass a background check.  For complete information on this program and to pre-register, please call the park office at 573-564-3476.

Camp hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
217 Highway TT, Danville, MO | (573) 564-3476

Associated activities

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