St. Charles History Talks: "St. Charles County in the First World War"

7/20/2017 | First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site | St. Charles, MO

One hundred years ago this past April, the United States entered the First World War. All across the country, men and women answered their country's call, including an estimated 1,116 men and at least five women from St. Charles County. Forty-nine of those men would die during the war, but just 20 of them from enemy action--the rest succumbed to disease and accidents.

The county's contribution to the war wasn't confined to sending its sons and daughters to serve. Back home, county residents did their part for the war effort in a variety of ways from planting "Victory Gardens" to working in the shoe factory or car foundry, to organizing a Red Cross chapter, to giving patriotic speeches to captive movie theater audiences. The war especially hit home for the county's large German-American population--many of them only a generation removed from the Fatherland.

Hear about this and more about the county's involvement in "The Great War" with Robert Brown, an interpreter at the historic site but also editor of the St. Charles County Historical Society's quarterly journal. He will be July speaker in the Friends of the First Missouri State Capitol speaker series. A $10 donation is suggested. Click here to read the news release.

Lecture time: 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.
200 South Main Street, St. Charles, MO | (636) 940-3322

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