First Day Hike #31

1/1/2014 | Stockton State Park | Dadeville, MO

Umber Ridge Trail has a natural surface with a gentle terrain so it is easy to hike and also popular with mountain bikers. The area is typical of the western Ozarks where the prairie meets the woodlands. The trail travels along a west-facing slope offering several vistas of Stockton Lake before turning and traveling along open white oak woodlands on an east-facing slope. The trail travels through open woodlands including large oaks and hickory trees. Wildlife can be observed all year but some of the best times to catch a glimpse of a white-tailed deer, common loons or bald eagles are during the winter when the woods are open and the leaves are gone. This hike is 1.75 miles.

Hike time: 1 p.m.

Meeting location: Umber Ridge Trail trailhead

This hike is one of many First Day Hikes taking place in Missouri State Parks. For more information about all of your hiking options, click here.

19100 S. Hwy. 215, Dadeville, MO | (417) 276-4259

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