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January 27, 2011
THAYER, Mo. – Peering from an overlook into the chasm of Grand Gulf State Park, it is easy to see why the area is known as the “Little Grand Canyon of the Ozarks.” Deeper than it is wide, the sheer rock walls drop some 130 feet, revealing the remnants of a collapsed cave. Part of the cave roof that didn’t tumble down some 10,000 years ago remains as a 250-foot-long natural bridge.
November 15, 2010
STE. GENEVIEVE, Mo. – The pines really do whisper. With the slightest breeze, hikers on the Whispering Pines Trail at Hawn State Park can hear the murmuring of the tall trees while walking on the path softened by fallen needles. “We have one of the largest shortleaf pine stands in the state park system,” said Ed Schott, park superintendent for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. “That’s a big draw for a lot of people.”