Fish Cleaning Station Temporarily Closed - Roaring River State Park

The fish cleaning station at Roaring River was recently closed in response to COVID-19 concerns.  Upon closure and removal of the steel tubs at the station, Parks staff noted the structure has been rotting and the integrity of the structure was compromised.  Upon considering the public safety concerns and the ongoing need to address the presence of black vultures in the area, the fish cleaning station was removed.

Roaring River and Division of State Parks staff are actively exploring alternative solutions for a future fish cleaning station.  The evaluation is also focusing on methods and operational changes that will provide a better experience for users and reduce the presence of black vultures in the area.

In its absence, we encourage anglers to clean fish in the river and toss fish remains into deep water, a common practice at Missouri trout parks. We also encourage placing fish in a cooler and taking them home for cleaning.  Fish remains should not be discarded along the bank, in the shallows or in Dry Hollow.

Please also keep fish remains out of park trash cans and dumpsters while we explore alternative solutions for a future fish cleaning station. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Active Dates

May 22, 2020 until further notice

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