Current Trail Closures and Alerts - Katy Trail State Park

Reviewed and updated on 2/7/20

The listing below includes sections of trail currently affected by weather damage, flooding or other maintenance issues. Also visit the Temporary Detours page for sections with a detour route, as marked below.

Temporary Section Closures:

-- MM 27 to MM 28, Machens Trailhead (beg. 11/8/19) flood damage- No recommended detour
-- MM 117 to MM 118, west of Portland (beg. 8/16/19) flooding - No recommended detour
-- MM 178.5 to MM 181.4,  Central Street in Rocheport to Davisdale (beg. 11/1/19) - flooding - CLICK FOR DETOUR DIRECTIONS
-- east of MM 227.1, east of Sedalia Trailhead (beg. 11/14/16) alternate road route - CLICK FOR DETOUR DIRECTIONS

​Exercise caution in the following areas:​

-- MM 45.7 to MM 56, Greens Bottom Trailhead to Weldon Spring Trailhead (beg. 8/5/19) trail grading; be alert to heavy equipment and vehicles on the trail 
-- MM 66.3 to MM 70.5, west of August Trailhead (beg. 8/28/19) debris, slick mud, erosion and rough surface; be alert to heavy equipment and vehicles on the trail; some section may be temporarily closed during trail repair
-- MM 105 to MM 121.4, Rhineland to Steedman (beg. 2/7/20)
-- MM 125 to MM 153.6, Mokane to Hartsburg (beg. 8/16/19) debris, slick mud, rough surface and standing water; be alert to heavy equipment and vehicles on the trail; some sections may be temporarily closed during debris removal
-- MM 157.8 to MM 162.5, west of Hartsburg to just east of Cooper's Landing (beg. 9/19/19) extensive flood damage, uneven surfaces with sharp 2 - 6 inch rocks, slick mud and sand, quick drop and rise in trail elevation. In some areas, bicycle riders may need to carry their bicycles. Trail users are strongly recommended to use bicycles with aggressive tread. Not recommended for thin street tires. Be alert for vehicles and heavy equipment on the trail. 
-- MM 162.5 to MM 163.5, Easley River Road between Highway N and Cooper's Landing (beg. 10/9/19) this section of Easley River Road is flooded, this section of the trail will be open to local vehicular traffic. Trail users should proceed with caution.

-- MM 189.9 to MM 191.1, from County Rd 345 to Boonville Bridge (beg. 10/10/19) passable with slick mud, uneven surfaces with sharp 2 to 6 inch rocks. In some areas, bicycle riders may need to carry their bicycles. 
-- MM 215.5 Clifton City (beg. 7/8/19) rough surface
-- MM 218 west of Clifton City (beg. 5/13/19) due to a rock slide that blocks a portion of the trail

-- MM 229.9 to MM 230.9, Sedalia (beg. 9/18/19) due to heavy equipment loading rock on the trail between Mondays through Thursdays
-- MM 259.3 Lewis (beg. 7/8/19) rough surface
-- Rock Island Spur between Pleasant Hill and Leeton (beg. 7/8/19) rough surface, some debris

For information on potential flood impacts to the trail, please visit the Potential Flood Locations page.

Active Dates

Jun 27, 2019 until further notice