Current Flooding Conditions and Alerts – Katy Trail State Park

The following areas currently are affected by heavy rainfall or flooding.

Temporary Flood Closures:

  • MM 27-36, from Machens Trailhead to east of St. Charles Trailhead (effective June 13)
  • MM 39, Frontier Park (effective June 6)
  • MM 87.2-97.1, west of Treloar to Case (effective May 24)
  • MM 110.9 – 163.5’ from Bluffton to just east of Cooper’s Landing (effective June 13)
  • ​MM 178.4 – 180.9, west of Rocheport (effective June 5)
  • MM 185-188.2, east of New Franklin (effective May 23)

Exercise caution in the following areas:

  • MM 54.2 – 55, east of Weldon Spring, due to muddy conditions (effective June 14)
  • MM 64.0 - 66.2, Klondike Park to Augusta Trailhead, due to maintenance work and heavy equipment on the trail (effective June 17)
  • MM 163.5 - 178.3: Cooper’s Landing to Rocheport Trailhead, due to muddy areas (effective June 13)
  • ​MM 189.2: east of New Franklin Trailhead, due to washouts next to the bridge (effective April 18)
  • MM 218: west of Clifton City, due to a rock slide that blocks a portion of the trail surface
  • Rock Island Spur:  all sections have standing water from recent rainfall (effective May 1)

For information on potential flood impacts to the trail, please visit the Potential Flood Locations page.

Active Dates

Jun 18, 2019 until further notice

Advisory pertains to…