Temporary Trail Detours - Katy Trail State Park

The following locations have temporary detours in place.

  • MM 62.6 to MM 64, west of Matson Trailhead (beg 3/4/19) bridge replacement near Klondike Park - DETOUR MAP
    The detour begins at MM 62.6 and runs through Klondike Park to near MM 64. Detour signs are posted coming from the east and west of the closed area. A map of the detour also is posted at the Matson and Augusta trailheads and the Klondike Park kiosk. The detour route is on gravel with washouts following recent rain storms, narrow turns, and an 85-feet elevation incline on the west end.
  • MM 66.4 to MM 67.8, west of Augusta Trailhead (beg. 3/13/19) Bigelow Creek bridge replacement - DETOUR MAP
    The detour accesses Augusta Bottom Road so trail users need to exercise caution on this route. A map of the detour also is posted at the Augusta and Dutzow trailheads.
  • MM 178.5 to MM 181.4, between the intersection of Moniteau St. and First St. near Rocheport to Davisdale (beg. 7/22/19) the bridge is out.
    A detour route is available as indicated below and on trail signs. While following the detour, trail users may experience: travel over city streets and highways; motor vehicles traveling at high speeds; uneven or loose gravel on road surfaces; and narrow roads and lanes. Caution is advised.
    -- From Rocheport Trailhead:  Access the trail from the far side of the parking lot, turning left onto the trail; take Hwy. 40 to Davisdale Conservation Area parking (3.2 mi); take Hwy. 240 Spur to Hwy. 40 (1.0 mi); turn left onto Hwy. 40; turn right onto Central St.; Central St. will become Hwy. 240 Spur (0.1 mi); follow the trail to Central St. (0.2 mi)
    -- From New Franklin Trailhead:  Take Central St. to the trail (0.2 mi); turn left onto the trail; at Rocheport, Hwy. 240 Spur becomes Central St. (0.1 mi); take Hwy. 40 to Hwy. 240 Spur (3.2 mi); turn right onto Hwy. 240 Spur; turn right into the parking lot; turn left onto Hwy. 40; follow the trail to Davisdale Conservation Area parking (6 mi)
  • MM 189.9 to MM 191.1, from County Rd 345 to Boonville Bridge (beg. 7/22/19) culvert replacement - DETOUR MAP
    -- Heading West: Detour from County Rd 345 to Hwy. 40. Take Hwy. 40 into Boonville over the Missouri River bridge.
    -- Heading East: Detour by taking Hwy. 40 to County Rd 345 (Gravel Road). If the gravel road is flooded from localized rainfall, take Hwy. 5 into New Franklin where it will cross the trail.
  • east of MM 227.1, east of Sedalia Trailhead (beg. 11/14/16) alternate road route - DETOUR MAP
    Due to closure of the trail from Griessen Road to Boonville Street in Sedalia, trail users will need to use the road route detour to connect from Griessen Road to the Sedalia Depot.

For information on potential flood impacts to the trail, please visit the Potential Flood Locations page. 

Active Dates

Nov 16, 2016 until further notice

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