Temporary Trail Detours - Katy Trail State Park

The following locations have temporary detours in place.

  • MM 178.5 to MM 183.8, Central Street in Rocheport to Davisdale (beg. 11/1/19) alternate road route
    • East to West: from the Rocheport Trailhead, take the Katy Trail to Central Street (.2 mile).  Turn right onto Central St.  Central St. becomes MO Hwy. 240 Spur (.1 mile).  Take Hwy. 240 Spur to Hwy. 40 (1.0 mile).  Turn left onto Hwy. 40.  Take Hwy. 40 to county road 467, on the right (4.80 miles).  The county road 467 crosses the Katy Trail at approximately MP 183.8.
    • West to East: At approximately MP 183.8, (at the Red Clay Tile Silo) take county road 467 right to Hwy 40. Take a left onto Hwy. 40. Continue on  Hwy. 40 for approximately 4.8 miles. Take a right onto the Hwy. 240 Spur (not Hwy 240 Alt.) continue approximately 1-mile, Hwy. 240 Spur turns into Central St. Continue 3 blocks on Central St to the Katy Trail. Take a left onto the Katy Trail to go to the Rocheport Trailhead.
  • east of MM 227.1, east of Sedalia Trailhead (beg. 11/14/16) alternate road route - DETOUR MAP

      Due to closure of the trail from Griessen Road to Boonville Street in Sedalia, trail users will need to use the road route detour to connect from Griessen Road to the Sedalia Depot.

For information on potential flood impacts to the trail, please visit the Potential Flood Locations page. 

Active Dates

Apr 2, 2020 until further notice