Bridge Closures - Katy Trail SP

Three bridges will be replaced on the Katy Trail this fall, one at MM 105.7 near Rhineland, one at MM 93.5 near Gore and one at MM 77.4 just east of Marthasville. Anticipated reopening of the bridges has changed due to some weather delays. The bridges at MM 105.7 and MM 93.5 are expected to reopen on Dec. 19, and the bridge at MM 77.4 by Dec. 26.  For the bridge replacements at Rhineland (MM 105.7) and Marthasville (MM 77.4), detours are provided and signs posted directing trail users to the detours.  Users should exercise caution and be alert to vehicles because a portion of both detours follows road routes. The trail is closed from MM 96.9 (Case) to MM 89 (Bernheimer) as there is no detour option in that area. Signs and barriers are posted warning trail users of the closure.  Users should avoid this area and not go beyond the barriers.

Closure Map

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we replace these bridges.

Active Dates

Aug 1, 2014 – Dec 26, 2014

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